Content Owners

Deepen the relation with your audience through smart combination of Showtag tools.

Engage your audience through enhanced storytelling.

Serve your audience more content, more depth, in the most intuitive way possible without ever leaving the content they are enjoying.
Additional content can be anything from text to video and can be served at any moment during the content the viewer is watching.
So offer viewers more to the persons or subjects they are interested in, add multiple layers to your storytelling or allow customers to participate with the characters or content of your videos.

Key Use Case

Combine multiple Showtag product tools to effectively deliver upon your response targets.

Who is that?

Actor or actress biographies. Or provide relevant character background to help viewers understand the storyline.

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Additional info

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See also

Offer a wider catalogue of videos with each video you are offering.


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See more

Provide viewers with additional information about items of choice.

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Watch later

Provide viewers with the option to put particular content on their watchlist from with any video they are watching.


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