Content Publishers

Grow revenue from advertising or cross promote the content on your service.

Bring an edge to what your are doing today

Be better than your competitors at helping advertisers reach their goals. Offering advertisers the ability to create direct response videos or turn their videos into shops will differentiate your products from both national and global competitors for those limited advertising budgets.

And why stop there? Upgrade and empower your own offering by upgrading customers to paid services exactly when your programming has created the desire you can capitalise on. Or maybe use your own content offering to cross promote the other good shows you have on offer.

Key Use Case

Combine multiple Showtag product tools to effectively deliver upon your response targets.

Grow advertising revenue

Differentiate your advertising solutions by offering advertisers those tools that really make a difference.

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Grow sponsored programming revenue

Provide product brands with the opportunity to not only promote their products but also sell them.


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Upgrade customers

Upgrade customers from free video to subscriptions right at the moment they are most engaged with your content.


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Cross promote content

Promote new releases or core programming from within the content customers are watching.

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