Three easy steps to success

Simple, industry standard processes, protocols and formats allow for a very fast turn-around times

Supply briefing and materials

Draw from the assets you have already created.

Showtag to tag your video

Using the unique Tag Tool, Showtag returns a ‘tagged’ video and all relevant assets in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Upload ‘tagged’ video

Upload the tagged video just like you would normally do.


No need to create dedicated digital assets – making Showtag very cost effective.

Your digital assets
No need to create specific materials. Use your existing logos, pictures, banners, promotions and websi§te.

Your provider
Showtag will work with your current provider of video hosting and streaming.

Your sales channels
Showtag will connect to your existing online sales channels in an easy way.

Your videos
No need to create specific videos. Showtag will work with your current ads, programmes and other videos.

Your workflow
Your marketing & sales process will not be interrupted. Showtag easily fits into the workflow of your ad agency.

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